365 art calendar: A year long inspirational project

Introducing the 365 art calendar.
This year I decided to start a 365 crafts project.
It’s a handmade motivational calendar to start the day fresh!

I started the art calendar project on a whim. A few days before the new year I had no idea I will be making mini-cards every day!
I had the idea while I was searching social media for inspiration to make new cards. The next day, I was making tiny little cards to brighten up your days and mine 😊
To make the art calendar, I used A3 pages of a sketchbook that I folded in two and then attached together as a book using staples.

So each page is an A4 page. To prepare the mini cards I cut an A4 page of cardboard into small cards of approximately 5×3.5cm (2×1,37in)

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Happy new year 2016