Love you Bookmark from mmmcrafts blog

I usually start reading 2 or 3 books at the same time, so I always need extra bookmarks.

The ones I have are plain and boring so I thought I’d make a bookmark myself!

I searched for some tutorials on the internet and was really lucky to find a sweet step by step tutorial on mmmcrafts blog.

Then I discovered that the tutorial offers a free printable too! I was in awe.

Here is how I made my bookmarks (yes I ended up making a bunch of them along with my sister, it was a fun crafty break! :D)

First, I printed the template by mmmcrafts on cardboard paper.


I cut out one of the bookmarks. There are two bookmarks templates in the printable page.

I cut out a rectangle from a page of scrapbook paper, using the rectangular template that comes with the printable.

Then I cut out the heart using my craft knife. and I folded the bookmark in the middle leaving the black line inside.

I glued the rectangular scrapbook paper on the dashed rectangle inside the folded bookmark.

And glued the two sides of the template together.

After that I inserted a ribbon inside the upper hole of my bookmark.

Et voilà!

At last; I wrote the words “Love you” in the space in the bottom. You can of course write anything you want.

I made a few more.

This one is my favorite! 🙂

For the record, the piece of paper scrap I used in this one is a tag that was attached to pants I bought some time ago!

Just to tell you that you don’t need to have scrapbook paper to craft beautiful things 😉

And that was a very fast tutorial on how I made my first bookmark.

Thank you mmmcrafts for the great tutorial 🙂